In today’s candidate-driven market, bolstered by the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, recruitment specialists are more important than ever.  

Indeed, recruitment intentions are still above pre-pandemic levels and appear to be on an upwards trajectory, according to the Office for National Statistics. 

74 per cent of employers said last month that they are planning on taking on new staff in the next quarter – at a time when job vacancies have risen to a new record of 1,295,000 in the UK. 

In this post-pandemic era, the recruitment sector is booming, making recruitment a tempting career choice. From the nature of the work and diversity in the workplace to rewarding benefits, here’s what you need to know about starting your career in recruitment. 

A diverse industry 

Representative of our society, recruitment sits at the heart of workplace diversity and attracts professionals from different backgrounds and experience.  

Whether you are a graduate leaving university looking to start your career through a graduate programme or a professional with decades of experience, the recruitment sector welcomes a variety of profiles. 

There is a fairly even balance between men and women at a senior level – an indication that development opportunities are potentially equal for both genders. 

While there appeared to be significant under-representation of other genders, including transgender, agender and genderqueer in the past, the industry has pledged to take steps to bridge this gap. 

Meanwhile, inclusivity is also a pillar of the recruitment sector, with 33 per cent of corporate respondents saying up to a quarter of their workforce have a disability. 

A fast-paced environment 

Due to the nature of the sector, no two days are the same when you work in recruitment. 

Whether you are office-based or working from home, you will take on a role that is active and challenging, where you will thrive in a high-speed business – from analysing client’s business goals and needs, meeting face-to-face with potential candidates to managing the recruitment process. 

In this environment, it is important that you enjoy competition and possess a commercial and determined mindset. 


When it comes to skillsets or experience, being organised, open and adaptable will allow you to secure a high volume of successful hires. After all, being a great listener and communicator is essential in your role. 


Rewarding benefits 

There are perks in working in recruitment too, from work trips to incentives, company events, commissions and the chance to continue to progress and learn. 

You can get promoted to manage a team of like-minded individuals, learning from your peers and deepening your knowledge of a broad cross-section of an industry or discipline, and further progress. 

Because you are not limited to one organisation or business, you will build multiple contacts within the industry as well as learn the organisations’ unique selling points – sometimes even hearing about innovation and disruptive projects before they are announced in the market. 

It is an exciting time to be considering a career in recruitment and a chance for you to make a difference for companies as well as in people’s lives. 

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