It does seem to be the way, that it is easier to find a new job when you’re still working. There’s some research to support that feeling, with a study showing that job hunters who are employed tend to receive half of the offers on the table, versus those unemployed who get just 16 per cent.

Still, with 750,000 jobs and counting lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are certainly not alone if you find yourself out of work and searching for your next opportunity. So, what is the best way to find a job while unemployed?

Stay positive

It might be easier said than done, but it’s really important to maintain a positive outlook during your job search. Viewing this as an opportunity to not just find a new job, but the right job, can help change your approach. You won’t apply for jobs you don’t want or aren’t qualified for, because your focus will be on searching for the best opportunity. Remember that you can be selective.

A positive attitude also increases your likelihood of performing well during an interview. Recruiters and hiring managers will speak to people all day long, and they’ll remember the conversations they enjoyed versus those that were challenging.

Boost your skills

A recent study showed that 39 per cent of people are considering a career change following the events of 2020. If you’re included in that number, think about the skills you’d need to make this happen, and use your free time to develop yourself.

Consider the qualifications or professional accreditations which may help to prove your new skills. This will also give you something else to focus on, and is a good sign to employers that you are willing to improve and grow.


Another way to show your willingness to keep active and involved is to volunteer your time. Again, this will give you something else to focus on, and you’re likely to learn new skills along the way too.

Volunteering within your field can be a great way to network, particularly for jobseekers with limited experience, or those hoping to change fields.

Keep up to date

Don’t shy away from your networks or be embarrassed to admit you are out of work. Instead, keep in touch with people and put your contacts to good use in order to unearth more opportunities.

This will also help you to keep informed regarding job trends and search strategies. And, if you expand your network to include hiring managers at relevant organisations, and expert recruiters within your field, you’ll have additional people looking for your next role alongside you.

Find your expert

Recruiters have witnessed an influx of new candidates this year and, while a good recruiter will always get back to you, you can get a few steps ahead by partnering with the right experts from the outset.

At CPS Group, we only place qualified candidates within the tech sector, because we believe that specialist = expert. If you’re looking for a new role within tech, get in touch today, or for roles within finance, HR, marketing and sales contact our sister company, Faulkner Scott.