There’s no doubt that hiring will be a challenge this year. Two thirds of businesses around the world are struggling to hire, with record hiring intentions reported in the UK and US. With increased competition and a candidate-led market, organisations looking for new employees will need to up their game. 

There’s no denying the world has changed in the last two years, but has your recruitment process changed a long with it? Here are our three top tips to attract candidates in 2022. 

Be transparent 

This is one we’ve been championing for years, but in 2022 businesses really need to be upfront about the salary they are offering. Study after study shows that candidates want to see the salary when they apply for a new role. Jobs listed with salaries get double the number of applications, because salary is a big factor for candidates. 81.6 per cent of people say it is the most important element. 

With so many jobs to choose from, candidates will not waste their time applying to roles that might not be right for them. You need to sell your company and your opportunity, highlighting your USPs and all the ways you reward your employees. 

Know what your candidates actually want 

While reviewing your recruitment process, you should also take the time reassess your offering. This should include your flexible working policy, benefits and rewards, but also things like a mental health policy.  

After almost two years of uncertainty, candidates want to know that if they make the move they will be able to move up, so think about the career progression and learning and development opportunities that you offer and make these known to prospective candidates.   

Many candidates also want meaning or purpose from their work, having had the time to reflect during the pandemic. Purpose can be interpreted differently, but its important to demonstrate the impact an individual role can have on the wider organisation.  

Use the right tools 

When there are more jobs than available candidates, the likelihood is that you’re going to need to attract passive candidates – those who are not actively job hunting. So, as well as posting your job ad, you’re going to need to initiate conversations with individuals who might be able to add value to your business.  

Make sure you’re using LinkedIn to your advantage, growing your company’s following and interacting with candidates directly. Use your employee’s networks too, on or offline, to seek referrals. Chances are they will know someone who would be a good fit for your company.  

Of course, if you’re in a competitive industry, you’re struggling to recruit or you are looking to hire at scale, it is worth engaging a recruitment agency. Be careful in your selection; look for those with demonstrable experience in your industry – recruiting in hospitality couldn’t be more different from finance recruitment, for example.  

Naturally, if you’re looking for tech candidates, we’d recommend CPS. As one of few tech recruitment agencies not to furlough any staff or make any redundancies, we’ve experienced every moment of the last few years. We know the best candidates, how to find them and what they’re looking for. And we can help you do the same.