The new year is just around the corner, and with 2018 having been positive for Wales and our economy, with employment growth surpassing any other region of the UK, there is plenty to be optimistic about over the next 12 months. That economic positivity has created a hotbed for new businesses, particularly in the tech sector where new and exciting offerings have continued to pop up across the country.

From the development of artificial intelligence to innovation within information and cybersecurity services, Wales is a prosperous tech hub capable of challenging some of Europe’s elite. With so many worthy candidates, picking just five businesses to fly the flag for Welsh tech start-ups was no mean feat.


Despite setting up in 2015, the past 12 months have seen Cardiff’s Amplyfi go from strength to strength. Their artificial intelligence solutions, which take business intelligence to new heights and enables them to procure and visualise data effortlessly on a single platform, have seen them pitched to be Wales’ first unicorn business. Their innovative approach has made them stand out from the crowd of business intelligence offerings, and if 2018 is anything to go by then an extremely positive future lies ahead of Amplyfi.


It’d be tough to argue that 2018 was the year of artificial intelligence, and Artimus is another Cardiff business leading the charge in the sector. With a team of expert software developers and project managers covering a plethora of disciplines and markets, their software has yet to come across any major field limitations. No matter the size of your organisation, Artimus’ solutions can help you reap the benefits of artificial intelligence in a business setting.

Hut Six

A game-changer in the infosec industry, Hut Six offer protection against human error within cybersecurity. The Newport business’ technology brings a fresh take to the sector, tackling security’s biggest issue with testing, training and tracking to enhance information security awareness. Offering a customisable approach, Hut Six are there to help you get your security measures in line for the new year.


Establishing themselves as a world-leading innovator in the fintech space, MyPinPad’s patented technology offers solutions to both consumers and providers from their base in the heart of Cardiff Bay. One of so many companies to have been born as a result of the open banking movement, their development of multi-factor authentication software aims to increase the security of banking on traditionally unsecured devices, such as tablets and mobile phones.

The Academy of Robotics

While they have slowly been emerging from the automotive industry, it may not be long until self-driving cars are on the roads up and down the country. One of The Academy of Robotics‘ many innovations is the Kar-Go, which combines a driverless vehicle with remarkable artificial intelligence to offer a truly automated delivery solution. By reducing the cost of the last mile of delivery by as much as 90 per cent, The Academy of Robotics are on course to release pilot schemes to some of Europe’s largest retailers over the coming months, all from their headquarters in the Welsh capital.